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NF Bed History

Memo on SNSA waiver for NFs

NF waiver application form for SNSA caps

SNSA Attestation Sheet

SNSA Memo to SNSA Agencies



Employee COVID Testing

Form 1503 Physician’s Certification / Recertification

PIPP Request for Proposals 2021

PIPP Fillable Proposal Form 2021

Instructions for Writing a PIPP Proposal 2021

2021 PIPP Calculations Form 2.0

2021 PIPP Individual Facility Budget

2021 PIPP Collaborative Budget

SNSA Maximum Charges 2020 and 2021

2020 Cost Report Instruction Manual

2020 Cost Report Supplemental Schedule

2020 COVID Cost Report Instructions and Schedule

Time Study Template

CMP Request for Proposals Dementia Live Training (May 2019)
CMP Dementia Live Training Application Form (May 2019)

CMP Request for Proposals Cycling Without Age (May 2019)
CMP Cycling Without Age Application Form (May 2019)

2020 Six-Month Status Report Form

2020 Six-Month Collaborative Status Report Form

All rates for All facilities for:
01/01/17 Rate Year
01/01/18 Rate Year

Cost Report Data Files

9/30/2017 Cost Report Data zip file
9/30/2016 Cost Report Data zip file
9/30/2015 Cost Report Data zip file
9/30/2014 Cost Report Data zip file
9/30/2013 Cost Report Data zip file
9/30/2012 Cost Report Data zip file
9/30/2011 Cost Report Data zip file